SSWU Peace

South Sudan Women United is actively encouraging South Sudanese leaders to choose peace not war and to engage women, youth, the church and the Diaspora in the peace and development process.

SSWU Statement on July 10, 2016

As South Sudan embarks on its 5th year as a nation, South Sudan Women United encourages forgiveness instead of revenge, unity instead of division, hope instead of despair, and above all else, love for one another. We are human beings deserving of dignity and respect, and together we will realize the peaceful and prosperous South Sudan that we hold in our hearts and minds.

Pittsburgh 4th Annual Forum on Sudan and South Sudan (April 24, 2016)

South Sudan Women United was honored to sit on the South Sudan Panel for the 4th Annual Forum on Sudan and South Sudan organized by the Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition (PDEC.) The Forum was held on April 24, 2016 and was followed the next day by meetings with Congressman Doyle and Mayor Peduto. Margaret Ihiju Attari, SSWU Coordinator, shared the message of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation promoted by Desmond and Mpho Tutu in The Book of Forgiving and she encouraged everyone to take the Forgiveness Challenge (…) She also highlighted the need for humanitarian assistance to address the famine in South Sudan and the importance of reviving the USAID Diaspora Skills Return Program as a way of supporting the development of the country. The messages were well received by the audience and then later by the government officials. Many thanks to David Rosenberg and members of PDEC for inviting South Sudan Women United to Pittsburgh and for their ongoing support of the people of South Sudan and Sudan.


Sudan Unlimited_Pic #1South Sudan and Sudan Panelists and Forum Organizers

Sudan Unlimited_Pic #4Group Photo with Congressman Doyle

Sudan Unlimited_Pic #6Group photo with Mayor Peduto

An Open Letter to President Salva Kiir and 1st Vice President Dr. Riek Machar (April 15, 2016)

Your Excellencies:

South Sudan Women United writes to congratulate you both on the steps you are taking towards ending violence in South Sudan and securing peace and the opportunity for development to benefit all citizens.

The coming week is an important milestone for you and the country.  We encourage you to continue the progress you have made so far in order for all citizens of South Sudan to experience and enjoy safety and security.

To that end, we encourage you and your colleagues, with the support of the South Sudan Council of Churches, to sit together to engage in a process of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.  We believe this process is essential for every South Sudanese affected by decades of conflict.  Your leadership in this area, by participating in and modeling the process, will benefit not only your Administration but also the entire country.  We believe it will be the difference between a future of war and suffering and a future of peace and prosperity.

In addition, as the first order of business and to demonstrate a sincere commitment to the welfare of the people of South Sudan, we urge you to establish a Presidential Taskforce to address the famine currently endangering so many South Sudanese.

Thank you for considering these requests.  Our prayers are with you now and in the critical days ahead.


South Sudan Women United

Statement of SSWU Coordinator for the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission South Sudan Congressional Hearing (July 10, 2015)

Statement By Margaret Ihiju Atarri 3

Letter to the Co-Chairs of the Sudan Caucus to Invite Leaders to Discuss a Way Forward (June 4, 2015)
Letter to Co-Chairs of the Sudan Caucus re South Sudan 06 04 15

Statement for the Mediators for South Sudan in Addis Abba (February 2014)
Statement for Addis Mediators.

* * * * * *

South Sudan Women United seeks to highlight voices speaking out for peace in South Sudan.

  • SSWU International Women’s Day Video:  Peace, Salaam, Shalom
  • SSWU Peace Flyer by Rachel Mogga
  • Poem:  South Sudan Not a Battleground by Amy Atim Wondu Longa
  • SSWU Video:  We Choose Peace
  • May 17, 2104 Teleconference with Citizens for Justice and Peace.  Click here to listen to David Deng, Research Director, South Sudan Law Society, and Anyieth D’Awol, Founder and Director, Roots of South Sudan.  Citizens for Justice and Peace is a coalition of over 40 civil society organizations, universities in South Sudan, and Diaspora groups that was formed in January 2014 to respond to the conflict.

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