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April 15, 2016

An Open Letter to President Salva Kiir and 1st Vice President Dr. Riek Machar

Your Excellencies:

South Sudan Women United writes to congratulate you both on the steps you are taking towards ending violence in South Sudan and securing peace and the opportunity for development to benefit all citizens.

The coming week is an important milestone for you and the country.  We encourage you to continue the progress you have made so far in order for all citizens of South Sudan to experience and enjoy safety and security.

To that end, we encourage you and your colleagues, with the support of the South Sudan Council of Churches, to sit together to engage in a process of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.  We believe this process is essential for every South Sudanese affected by decades of conflict.  Your leadership in this area, by participating in and modeling the process, will benefit not only your Administration but also the entire country.  We believe it will be the difference between a future of war and suffering and a future of peace and prosperity.

In addition, as the first order of business and to demonstrate a sincere commitment to the welfare of the people of South Sudan, we urge you to establish a Presidential Taskforce to address the famine currently endangering so many South Sudanese.

Thank you for considering these requests.  Our prayers are with you now and in the critical days ahead.


South Sudan Women United

* * * * * *
Based in the United States, SSWU works to link South Sudanese women around the world, especially in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.


Our current projects include fundraising for Real Medicine Foundation and conducting Community Dialogue and Learning Workshops. As women of South Sudan, our biggest concern right now is to have peace not war.

 South Sudan

Mothers are crying for peace. We are sick and tired. Born in war, raised in war and always dealing with war, and for how long?

As women of South Sudan, we believe that the future peace and prosperity of our great country requires that we compromise, forgive, and reconcile–to raise our children, who will be the future leaders of tomorrow. With that in mind, we have to show them the best example of what it is to live in peace and harmony and respecting humanity as well as enjoying the peace dividend of this great young nation in the continent of Africa. 

Based in the United States, SSWU works to link South Sudanese women around the world, especially in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.


Our vision is a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan where all citizens enjoy freedom, justice, equality and the protection of human rights; where citizenship as South Sudanese is the manifestation of our unity; and where our diverse tribal affiliations are honored as they represent the unique values, culture and traditions that make South Sudan extraordinary.


Our mission is to organize and respond to the needs of South Sudanese, especially those in crisis, through advocacy, fundraising and the delivery of services.


8 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Thanks, South Sudanese’s Women, we know you mama as the most vulnerables of War, children, elderly and disable people. Hence, the War had inposed by primitive pres. Salva Kiir Midiitliel from beginning massacre ethicity your Nuer people in Juba.That was rid lying a coup attempi. We must shoot Salv Kiir’s Short stuff first out.

  1. Be strong mothers and keep whistling to Politicians to consider this great mission and vision for the benefit of young nation. Women are suffering most in different parts of South Sudan your support for reconciliation will build confident and unity among South Sudanese.

  2. Peace will come to our lovely country, when every one of us confess his or her hazardous(harmful) practices toward south sudan citizens by killing them, displacing them, dividing them, creating hatred among them and cultivating spirit of tribalism and nepotism in to them, especially the leaders of our country have to stop their bad practices.

  3. Mothers r the stability of the nation, a home without a mother does not has peace n stability. Therefore, u mothers, u r the ones who will accelerate this nation to peace, healing, reconciliation n forgiveness.

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